ZOOFF Socks in production: Dutch Design

Today is an important day for us, as we are celebrating the start of the production of the ZOOFF Socks!

In the previous blog entry, we told the story of how inventor Henriëtte Bons got the idea of the ZOOFF Socks. “I saw a truly wonderful pair of boots in a local shoe store. I was even luckier that they still had them in my size. The disappointment came after the saleswoman had brought the pair in question. I couldn’t get my foot into the boot without great difficulty. What a huge disappointment! The experienced saleswoman had a tip for me: wrap a plastic bag around your foot. She made me try it and sure enough, it worked: my foot slipped easily into the boot. Apparently, many women solve the problem this way. A simple plastic bag solved the problem of getting the boot on, but I soon discovered that it was both uncomfortable and unhygienic.”

The quest for a solution had started.

It took a long time of inventing, designing, developing and testing and, for the last years, Henriëtte has spent all her resources and energy on this project. But now she has reached her goal: ZOOFF Socks has entered production! Even better: we only work with Dutch suppliers, making the ZOOFF Socks 100% Dutch.

The waiting is almost over before you can finally purchase the ZOOFF Socks in the Zoofsocks.com webshop.

Then you can enjoy, ladies! From now on, you will be able to put on any boots you fancy. Without compromising on your comfort.

UPDATE: ZOOFF Socks has been launched and is now exclusively available in our zooffsocks.com webshop.

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