ZOOFF Socks: The Story

From frustration to happiness

Have you ever fallen in love with something gorgeous? Do you recognize the feeling of disappointment when you find out that some things are just too good to be true?

This is exactly what I felt when I once tried to put on a gorgeous pair of boots, only to discover that I couldn’t quite get my feet inside. I invented ZOOFF Socks to defeat my disappointment.

ZOOFF Socks is the solution for millions of women and men worldwide, who have difficulty getting their boots on and taking them off. With ZOOFF Socks, you will slide effortlessly in and out of your boots. The socks also offer perfect wearing comfort so that you can be comfortable as well as fashionable. Each and every day.

Henriëtte Bons
Inventor of ZOOFF Socks


ZOOFF: The Ultimate Boot Sock

Perfectly comfortable entry

ZOOFF Socks make it extremely easy to put boots on and take them off. The unique combination of functionality and materials offer a perfectly comfortable entry. ZOOFF Socks will help you slide in and out of your boots without effort.

Perfectly comfortable to wear

ZOOFF Socks are designed to make wearing boots as enjoyable as possible. The socks are soft, breathable, elastic and supportive. With ZOOFF Socks you can be comfortable as well as fashionable. Each and every day.

Dutch Design

ZOOFF Socks were invented and designed and are manufactured in the Netherlands, making them 100% Dutch. ZOOFF Socks are a unique patented invention.

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